Accepted Papers

Track 1, Producing Good Outcomes

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Detecting Endangered Baleen Whales within Acoustic Recordings using Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks poster
Mark DJ Thomas (Dalhousie University); Bruce Martin (Jasco Applied Sciences); Katie Kowarski (Jasco Applied Science); Briand Gaudet (Jasco Applied Sciences); Stan Matwin (Dalhouise University)
Not available

Inferring Crop Pests and Diseases from Imagery Soil Data and Soil Properties poster
Ssekiwere Bruno; Babirye Claire
Not available

A sparse, data-efficient ECG representation is predictive of myocardial infarction without expert knowledge poster
Sunayana Rane (MIT)
Not available

Using News Articles to Model Hepatitis A Outbreaks: A Case Study in California and Kentucky poster
Saeyoung Rho (MIT); Marie-Laure Charpignon (MIT); Maria Mironova (Capital Health)
Not available

Large-Scale Landslides Detection from Satellite Images with Incomplete Labels poster
Masanari Kimura (Ridge-i inc.)
Not available

Improving automated in-field cassava disease diagnosis with semantic segmentation poster
Daniel Ssendiwala (AI and Data Science research Lab - Makerere University); Gloria Namanya (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Research, Makerere University); Benjamin Akera (Makerere University)
Not available

Women, politics and Twitter: Using machine learning to change the discourse poster
Lana Cuthbertson (ParityYEG); Alex K Kearney (University of Alberta); T. Riley Dawson (University of Alberta); Ashia Zawaduk (Dev Edmonton Society); Eve Cuthbertson (University of Toronto); Ann Gordon-Tighe (University of Alberta); Kory W Mathewson (University of Alberta)
Not available

Ideological Drifts in the U.S. Constitution: Detecting Areas of Contention with Models of Semantic Change poster
Abdul Abdulrahim (University of Oxford)
Not available

Groundwater Monitoring Using Handpump Vibration Data for Rural Africa poster
Achut Manandhar (University of Oxford); Heloise Greeff (University of Oxford); Patrick Thomson (University of Oxford); Rob Hope (University of Oxford); David Clifton (University of Oxford)
Not available

Korean Localization of Visual Question Answering for Blind People poster
Jin-Hwa Kim (SK T-Brain); Soohyun Lim (SK T-Brain); Jaesun Park (SK T-Brain); Hansu Cho (SK T-Brain)
Not available

Cognitive Assessment Estimation from Behavioral Responses in Emotional Faces Evaluation Task - AI Regression Approach for Dementia Onset Prediction in Aging Societies - poster
Tomasz M Rutkowski (RIKEN AIP); Masato Abe (RIKEN AIP); Marcin Koculak (Jagiellonian University); Mihoko Otake (RIKEN AIP)
Not available

Assessing Viewer’s Mental Health by Detecting Depression inYouTube Videos poster
Shanya Sharma (SAP LABS); Manan Dey (SAP LABS)
Not available

A Knowledge Graph Based Health Assistant poster
Lin Bo (Didi chuxing); wenjuan luo (AI Labs, Didi Chuxing, Beijing, China); Zang Li (AI Labs, Didi Chuxing, Beijing, China); Xiaoqing Yang (AI Labs, Didi Chuxing, Beijing, China); Han Zhang (Didi Chuxing); Daxin Zheng (Didi Chuxing)
Not available

Transfer of Machine Learning Fairness across Domains poster
Candice Schumann (University of Maryland); Xuezhi Wang (Google); Alex Beutel (Google); Jilin Chen (Google Brain); Hai Qian (Google); Ed Chi (Google)
Not available

Objects of violence: synthetic data for practical ML in human rights investigations poster
Lachlan Kermode (Forensic Architecture); Alican Akturk (Forensic Architecture); Jan Freyberg (Element AI); Robert Trafford (Forensic Architecture); Denis Kochetkov (Element AI); Rafael Pardinas (Element AI); Eyal Weizman (Forensic Architecture); Julien Cornebise (Element AI)
Not available

Machine Learning to Strengthen Democracy poster
Ben Armstrong (University of Waterloo); Kate Larson (University of Waterloo)
Not available

Conditional Denoising of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Cycle-Consistent Deep Generative Models poster
Michael Zotov (Cervest Ltd); Jevgenij Gamper (Cervest Ltd.)
Not available

Finding Social Media Trolls:Dynamic Keyword Selection Methods forRapidly-Evolving Online Debate poster
Anqi Liu (California Institute of Technology); Maya S Srikanth (California Institute of Technology); Nicholas Adams-Cohen (Stanford University); R. Michael Alvarez (Caltech); Animashree Anandkumar (Caltech)
Not available

Supporting Civilian Protection: A Machine Learning System for Detecting Evidence of Airstrikes on Social Media poster
Rickard Nyman (Hala Systems); Franz Busse (Hala Systems); David Levin (Hala Systems); Daniel Henebery (Hala Systems)
Not available

Learning to smell for wellness poster
Kehinde A Owoeye (UCL)
Not available

ML and precision public health: Saving mothers and babies from dying in rural India poster
Kasey Morris (Surgo Foundation); Vincent Huang (Surgo Foundation); B.M Ramesh (University of Manitoba); Jamie Blanchard (University of Manitoba); Bidyut Sarkar (UP-Technical Support Unit); Hannah Kemp (Surgo Foundation); Mokshada Jain (Surgo Foundation); Sema K Sgaier (Surgo Foundation)
Not available

Ultrasound analysis for point-of-care neonatal health poster
Arijit Patra (University of Oxford)
Not available

Taking a Stance on Fake News: Towards Automatic Disinformation Assessment via Deep Bidirectional Transformer Language Models for Stance Detection poster
Chris Dulhanty (University of Waterloo); Jason Deglint (University of Waterloo); Ibrahim Ben Daya (University of Waterloo); Alexander Wong (University of Waterloo)
Not available

Can We (and Should We) Use AI to Detect Dyslexia in Children’s Handwriting? poster
Katie Spoon (Indiana University Bloomington)
Not available

Triadic Closure Alleviates Network Segregation poster
Rediet Abebe (Cornell University); Nicole Immorlica (Microsoft Research New England); Jon Kleinberg (Cornell University); Brendan Lucier (Microsoft Research New England)
Not available

Faster Peace via Inclusivity: An Efficient Paradigm to Understand Populations in Conflict Zones poster
Andrew Konya (Mr)
Not available

Zero-Shot Transfer Learning to Enhance Communication for Minimally Verbal Individuals with Autism using Naturalistic Data poster
Jaya Narain (MIT Media Lab); Kristina Johnson (MIT Media Lab)
Not available

Experiments on Detecting Persuasion Techniques in News poster
Giovanni Da San Martino (Qatar Computing Research Institute); Seunghak Yu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Preslav Nakov (Qatar Computing Research Institute)
Not available

Dilated LSTM with ranked units for Classification of suicide note poster oral
Annika Marie Schoene (University of Hull); Alexander P Turner (University of Hull); Nina Dethlefs (University of Hull)
Not available

Increasing small holder farmer income by providing localized price forecasts poster oral
Anita Yadav (Credible); Arjun Verma (Credible); Anitha Govindaraj (Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis); Vikram Sarbajna (Credible )
Not available

Hate Speech in Pixels: Automatic Detection of Offensive Memes for Moderation poster oral
Benet Oriol (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya); Xavier Giro-i-Nieto (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya); Canton Cristian (Facebook Seattle)
Not available

Balancing Competing Objectives for Welfare-Aware Machine Learning with Imperfect Data poster oral
Esther Rolf (UC Berkeley); Max Simchowitz (UC Berkeley); Sarah Dean (UC Berkeley); Lydia T. Liu (UC Berkeley); Daniel Bjorkegren (Brown University); Moritz Hardt (UC Berkeley); Joshua Blumenstock (UC Berkeley)
Not available

Towards better healthcare: What could and should be automated? poster oral
Paul Duckworth (University of Oxford); Wolfgang Frühwirt (University of Oxford)