Accepted Papers

Track 3, Public Policy

ID Title Authors

The Effects of Competition and Regulation on Fairness in Data-Driven Markets poster oral
Hadi Elzayn (University of Pennsylvania); Benjamin Fish (MSR)

AI Ethics for Systemic Issues: A Structural Approach poster oral
Agnes E Schim van der Loeff (Cervest Ltd.); Iggy Bassi (Cervest Ltd.); Sachin Kapila (Cervest Ltd.); Jevgenij Gamper (Cervest Ltd.)

Learning Fair Classifiers in Online Stochastic Setting poster oral
Yi Sun (MIT); Ivan Ramírez (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos); Alfredo Cuesta-Infante (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos); Kalyan Veeramachaneni (MIT)

"Good" isn't good enough poster oral
Ben Green (Harvard University)