Best Poster: Track 1 ML and precision public health: Saving mothers and babies from dying in rural India. Kasey Morris (Surgo Foundation); Vincent S. Huang (Surgo Foundation); Mokshada Jain (Surgo Foundation); B.M. Ramesh (University of Manitoba); Hannah Kemp (Surgo Foundation); James Blanchard (University of Manitoba); Shajy Isac (University of Manitoba); Bidyut Sarkar (University of Manitoba); Vikas Gothalwal (University of Manitoba); Vasanthakumar Namasivayam (University of Manitoba); Sema Sgaier (Surgo Foundation).
Best Paper: Track 1 Balancing Competing Objectives for Welfare-Aware Machine Learning with Imperfect Data. Esther Rolf (UC Berkeley); Max Simchowitz (UC Berkeley); Sarah Dean (UC Berkeley); Lydia T. Liu (UC Berkeley); Daniel Bjorkegren (Brown University); Moritz Hardt (UC Berkeley); Joshua Blumenstock (UC Berkeley).
Best Poster: Track 2 Hard Choices in Artificial Intelligence: Addressing Normative Uncertainty through Sociotechnical Commitments. Roel Dobbe (AI Now Institute, New York University); Thomas Krendl Gilbert (UC Berkeley); Yonatan Mintz (Georgia Tech)
Best Paper: Track 2 A Typology of AI Ethics Tools, Methods and Research to Translate Principles into Practices. Jessica Morley (Oxford Internet Institute); Luciano Floridi (Oxford Internet Institute); Libby Kinsey (Digital Catapult); Anat Elhalal (Digital Catapult).
Best Poster: Track 3 The Effects of Competition and Regulation on Error Inequality in Data-driven Markets. Hadi Elzayn (University of Pennsylvania); Benjamin Fish (MSR).
Best Paper: Track 3
"Good" isn't good enough. Ben Green (Harvard University).

The following attendees received travel grants from XPRIZE, Intel, and IVADO:

Wolfgang Frühwirt
Annika Marie Schoene
Lachlan Kermode
Lana Cuthbertson
Achut Manandhar
Sunayana Rane
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
Owoeye Kehinde
Xavier Giró i Nieto
Manan Dey

Congratulations to all