Accepted Papers

Track 2, From malicious use to responsible AI

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The tension between openness and prudence in responsible AI research poster
Jess Whittlestone (University of Cambridge); Aviv Ovadya (The Thoughtful Technology Project)
Not available

Preserving Patient Privacy while Training a Predictive Model of In-hospital Mortality poster
Farah E Shamout (University of Oxford); Pulkit Sharma (University of Oxford); David A. Clifton (Nil)
Not available

A Typology of AI Ethics Tools, Methods and Research to Translate Principles into Practices poster oral
Libby Kinsey (Digital Catapult); Jessica Morley (Oxford Internet Institute); Luciano Floridi (Oxford Internet Institute); Anat Elhalal (Digital Catapult)
Not available

Fraud detection in telephone conversations for financial services using linguistic features poster oral
Nikesh Bajaj (University of East London); Tracy Goodluck Constance (University of East London); Marvin Rajwadi (University of East London); Julie Wall (University of East London); Cornelius Glackin (Intelligent Voice Ltd.); Nigel Cannings (Intelligent Voice Ltd.); Chris Woodruff (Strenuus Ltd.); James Laird (Strenuus Ltd.)
Not available

Hard Choices in AI Safety poster oral
Roel Dobbe (AI Now Insitute, New York University); Thomas Gilbert (UC Berkeley); Yontan D Mintz (Georgia Tech)